Verdict 4 Law Office

Verdict 4, the windows based, extremely user friendly, faster & advanced software developed by Ideas Infotech, Rajkot. It’ll be a boon for you like it has been for many lawyers, advocates, notaries, judges, law students. In short it is useful for all law and court related people who wanted fast and effective way to maintain all their cases, case history, case proceeding, billing, document management, schedule, tracking phone calls and appointments with fast and smart way by next generation software Verdict 4.

Verdict 4 is a 32-bit application for windows platforms. Verdict 4 understands actual law firm activities have been designed to be super user-friendly. After all, versatility in document style and report generation has long been an acute need and therefore it is the time you enjoy this vital benefit. Check out Verdict 4, it will be the best decision you will make regarding your Law Office software needs, after all Verdict 4 understands the law office.

Overview of Verdict 4 Law Office


 You can View Calendar,
 Appointment book,
 Scheduler, Reminder, Day Wise Case and more....


 Case Management center is designed with ALL-IN-ONE Entry form concept. Whole Case can be added
   and operated with master alteration in single form view
 Extraordinary Reference case, Section, Acts, Proceeding and Case Related document attachment and
   prearation facility in a same entry form. 
 Customized feilds for your unique requirement


 Case Detail and Appointment for Particular Selected Day.
 Case Management Center
 Add -Remove-Modify Case
 Whole Case view in just one form
 In Just One Form Posting in new date, Billing, File Management, Ruling, Case Proceeding, Section Applied
    Management, Address Zooming/Managing for Advocates and Clients individually case wise


 Case wise Fact and Question Adding for help to case hearing in court room.
 Fact is for add evidence and other detail information that can be help in court room. With Evaluation like
    important, less important, critical etc...
 Question is for adding question that can be ask by advocate or can asked by opponent advocate with answer
    adding features. And status answers with Evaluation like In favor of us, against us. Etc…..
 Both Fact and Question Section is Printable for use in court room.


 You can Generate Bills Cash/Client wise. It also gives details of credit and debit accounting 
   through outstanding bill and account detail report.
 Bills and all account related details are in printable form with Heading of your firm.
 Bill search facility with different parameters.


 It consist categorized Sections and Acts which you can add/remove or modify. Category, Section and
   Keword wise search facility. 
 Attach related section to client case directly, no need to write the same matter every time


 Add unlimited reference cases of different court and areas for your reference 
 Search of particular reference case with different parameters (year, month, appeal, judge,
   keyword, applicant & opponent, date, section and act wise).
 You can relate reference cases with your client case details which are very useful to study the case.
   Reference cases are in printable form to prepare court room material.


 View Case History Case Wise
 Search Case History as Whole
 Generate Report for Case History