Invest Plus

InvestPlus helps you in managing all your accounting, investments and Income tax related requirements. InvestPlus helps in record keeping from basic to more complex Personal and family account management needs.



  • Personal Accounting
  • Assets Management
  • Loan Management
  • Investment Management
  • Securities, F&O and Mutual Funds
  • Income Tax Prepration
  • Personal Organizer

    Personal Accounting

    •  Daily Entry
      • Bank Receipt/Payment
      • Cash Receipt/Payment
      • Contra/Journal Entry
      • Bank Reconciliation
    • Accounting Reports
      • Bank Book/Cash Book
      • General Ledger
      • Journal Register
    • Annual Statements
      • Trial Balance
      • Income & Expense
      • Balance Sheet

    Assets Management

    • Assets Purchase/Assets Sell
    • Asset Maintenance
    • Asset Valuation
    • Installment Management
    • Assets Detail Reporting (Purchase, Sell, Maintenance, Installments etc...)


    • Loan Landed / Taken
    • Connect loan with Assets
    • Loan Calculator with Installment management
    • Installment management and Reminder
    • Auto add payment to account
    • Detail Report of Loan

    Investment Management

    • Fixed Deposits,
    • NSCs,
    • Insurance Policies
    • Details of Insurance Policies
    • Auto-reminder for the Premium Due Dates
    • Loan details against the same (if any).


    Securities, F&O and Mutual Funds

    • Demat Register
    • Segregates securities Portfolio into Investment & Trading Stock.
    • Separate profitability reports for Investment, Trading & Speculative transactions.
    • Broker bill entry & reports.
    • Reports on Long Term & Short Term Capital Gain with Inflation Cost.
    • Valuation of Portfolio as per current rates.
    • Management of Bonus, Rights, Dividend, Merger / Amalgamation / Redemption & reports.
    • Details of Dividend/ Interest Received scrip wise & folio wise.
    • Purchase/Sell Mutual Fund. Scheme Management, Advance Reporting, Stock Maintenance.

    Income Tax Prepration

    • Generate Computation of Income for Individual Male/Female, Senior Citizen & HUF.
    • Gives details of Long Term & Short Term Capital Gains with Inflation Cost.
    • Customized Income Tax Rates entry as per financial year.
    • Income Tax Calculator.

    Personal Organizer

    • Appointment Scheduling.
    • Reminders for Appointments, Income Tax Dates, Birth Dates, Maturity of Fixed Deposits, NSC's, LIC Premium due etc.
    • Calculator: Standard & Scientific.
    • Telephone Diary.


    Invest Plus Report Detail
    Invest Plus provides more then 200 detailed reports that can be quickly generated at any time - whether for taxation purposes, or for their own information.
    All Report can be a Date wise, year wise, Family Member wise or Family wise. You can zoom any report to get a detail or change a detail.

    • Budget Preparation
    • Family member wise expanses and earning report
    • Year-end Closing
    • Governmental Reporting
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Time and Expense Tracking