The team at Ideas Infotech has developed the strengths like:

Knowledge and experience in the cutting edge software technologies
Problem solving abilities and Analytical skills
Multi dimensional integrated innovation capabilities
Maturity in understanding any business dynamics
Drive for delivering highest performance standards
Sense of responsibility towards customers

Brief History:
Started in 1999 with limited facilities, human strenghts and few clients, We grew constantly. We then moved into a new premises in 2002 which strengthen our proximity and today we have 60 full-time and two part-time employees across the country

We have creative designers, analysts, programmers and leaders. Our diverse talented team is our greatest asset that drives us towards our renewed vision

Best Skills:
Quality management, Technical Project analysis, Programming, Project navigation & Management, e-Business, Market Watch, Insights

The diversity and size of our team helps us to produce results that are better than a smaller web development company.